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Purchasing a used automobile can save money…but the downside is you often don't know the history or true condition of the vehicle.

A pre-purchase inspection can be the best solution to ensure you don't get taken for a ride the next time you're car shopping.

Websites such as CarFax offer reports that are helpful as they list the service history of the vehicle and let you know if proper preventative maintenance has been taken.

But it's the information these types of reports DON'T include that's really important. A report can not always tell you if the vehicle is currently safe to drive. Are all parts and critical driving systems in good condition?

What's the life expectancy of the belts, hoses, engine mounts and other key engine components? We can provide an answer to those and other questions you might have before making what is often a considerable financial investment.

Spotting problems before the purchase can save you a lot of grief…and if problems are detected early, the information can often be used to negotiate a better price on the vehicle if you still wish to proceed with the purchase.

Please take time to browse the Pre-Purchase Inspections page to see a more comprehensive list of what we inspect or call 214-881-6932 to schedule an appointment.